Deployable Anywhere

Whether it's a construction site, live event, or remote location each of our units come fully equipped with state of the art video surveillance equipment. Solar power design provides the ability to deploy units anywhere without the burden of running power. Consisting of the latest in wireless communications and network encryption, rest assured your site is protected 24/7.  

Safety & Liability

When it comes to the safety and liability of your site our unit has you covered. Whether it's heavy equipment or day to day personnel, you will have 24/7 coverage and access from any network equipped device. This gives you the peace of mind to focus on your business while we protect it. 

Simple, & Smart Technology

Keeping in step with the foundation of our company and our units, Black Knight Industries includes remote access to each unit leased right from your phone. This gives you the ease of seeing live events as well as recorded footage up to two weeks prior, right on your mobile device. 

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